Ski resorts in Argentina: the best choices for the 2024 season

The Patagonia region features both high range and affordable skiing options that offer accommodation, lessons and even daycare centers

In a country as diverse as Argentina, ski resort options are no exception. The Patagonia region offers a wide range of ski tracks for both amateurs and pros. Any skier can find a lodge that fits their personal preferences: if you are an adrenaline fan and want to conquer a snow park, Cerro Bayo has your back. If you are searching for a familiar and more homely experience, go to Las Leñas.

Prices vary depending on the number of days you want to spend, the age of the skyer, and the season (low, medium, or high), so we added an average price for a single adult on a daily basis. All prices are current at the time of this writing, but with Argentina’s still-soaring inflation rates, keep in mind they change a lot. Here are some of the best choices:

Cerro Catedral, Bariloche (Río Negro)

Located in Rio Negro, 19 km away from the city of Bariloche, Cerrro Catedral is an indisputable icon of Argentine ski centers. It is also a hotspot for young skiers, and for good reason: after ski hours are over, they hold a daily small party at the base known as the ‘after-ski’ sponsored by a beer brand. Expect great vibes, an excellent DJ, and plenty of alcohol. 

Cerro Catedral offers ski schools for both amateurs and pros, as well as ski rental and day care centers. It also has the best accessibility of all the ski centers in the region. In addition to private transport like taxis or bus services — a great option if it is your first time visiting —, you can also get there on public bus line number 55. Ski season in Bariloche is usually from June until September, but sometimes it goes on for a bit longer. In 2023, for instance, they had a superseason where the trails were open until October. This was due to the city’s new snow-producing technology, so look forward to a longer than expected season in 2024. 

If you’re not big on winter sports, Cerro Catedral offers multiple ways of enjoying the snow, such as going on a snowmobile or quadricycle tour, o venturing out onto the iconic culipatin slopes. The city of Bariloche offers plenty of iconic restaurants — like Familia Weiss — and fun spots for teenagers, such as a bowling alley in the shopping mall and several escape rooms. 

The current price for a daily pass for an adult is AR$115,000 (US$126 at the official rate, US$95 at the MEP).

Las Leñas (Mendoza)

If you’re looking for a ski center far from the city, the noise, and late-night partying, Las Leñas can be your personal paradise. This year’s season kicks off on June 15 and will last until September 14, although it may vary due to weather conditions. Las Leñas offers a kids club and daycare, as well as ski and snowboard lessons for beginners as well as intermediate . The resort offers accommodation, restaurants, and ski rentals — everything within walking distance.

Las Leñas

Las Leñas also features a “glamping” choice: a completely immersive mountain accommodation that includes skiing off regular paths, under supervision by Las Leñas’ ski guides.  

A secluded and safe spot for families who want to enjoy the sport and relax, Las Leñas is located in Mendoza, just 1200 km away from Buenos Aires. You can fly there on Aerolineas Argentinas, JetSmart, or Flybondi, or take a long-distance bus from Flechabus, Andesmar, or Urquiza. 

Glamping in Las Leñas

An adult daily pass is currently AR$100,000 in high season  (US$110 at the official rate, US$82 at the MEP) and AR$88,000 in the low season (US$96 at the official rate, US$72 at the MEP). All prices are available on the ski center’s website

Cerro Chapelco, San Martin de Los Andes (Neuquén)

The Cerro Chapelco in San Martin de Los Andes, Neuquén province, is perfect for people who enjoy the winter and skiing but also want to do something else. With a shorter season than other ski centers — it started on June 20th and will end on September 27th — it offers everything you want in a high quality ski center: ski rentals, lessons, and even sleigh rides with Siberian huskies.  

The mountains are smaller, yes, but there is a wide range of trails for advanced skiers. There are several restaurants and inns across the mountains, all equipped with wifi. Public transport does not reach the center, but you can rent a car or a bus to get there, which is the most common option. 

Aerolineas Argentinas and JetSmart airlines offer regular flights. Long-distance bus rides are available with companies Via Bariloche and Chevallier.

The region offers multiple plans aside from snow sports, such as the famous Ruta de los siete lagos that connects San Martín de Los Andes with Villa La Angostura, a must when visiting Neuquén. The Lanin National Park is another natural gem that is worth visiting while on a break from skiing. 

The daily pass for an adult is currently AR$68,300 (US$75 at the official rate, US$56 at the MEP)in high season and AR$54,600 in low season (US$60 at the official rate, US$45 at the MEP). All prices are available on the ski center’s website.

Cerro Bayo, Villa La Angostura (Neuquén)

Just 9 kilometers away from Villa La Angostura, Cerro Bayo is an amazing ski center for both amateurs and pros. Cerro Bayo offers ski rentals and lessons, as well as some unique features, like freestyle classes for teenagers between 13 and 17, and snow tubing. Ski season starts on June 22 and ends on September 22. 

Access is relatively easy thanks to its proximity to Villa La Angostura: you can get there on private transport or take the number 4 bus line from the city center. Its delightful ‘El Capricho’ restaurant is a must for any visitor. 

Aerolíneas Argentinas, Jetsmart, and Flybondi airlines offer regular flights to Villa La Angostura.

A daily pass for an adult is currently AR$67,200 during the high season (US$74 at the official rate, US$55 at the MEP), and AR$48,500 in low season (US$53 at the official rate, US$40 at the MEP). All prices are available on the ski center’s website.

Cerro Bayo

Cerro Castor, Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego)

Cerro Castor is an Argentine favorite due to its versatility. Ideal for families, it offers ski rentals, lessons, and a kindergarten for children between 3 months and 3 years old. It also features the biggest snow park in Latin America, ‘Castor Park’, a freestyle trail for all-level skiers that is perfect for adrenaline-seeking youngsters. This year’s season will start on June 28 and end on September 29. 

Cerro Castor

The ski center is just 26 kilometers away from the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego province. Given the great distances, the best option is to fly there, either on JetSmart, Aerolineas Argentinas, or FlyBondi airlines. There is no public transport to reach the center, so you have to either hire a car or take a bus to get there. 

An adult daily pass is currently AR$87,000 in high season  (US$95 at the official rate, US$72 at the MEP) and AR$61,800 in low season (US$68 at the official rate, US$51 at the MEP). All prices are available on the ski center’s website.


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