Moyano accuses Bullrich of “incapacity” amid phone wiping controversy

The opposition presidential candidate responded by calling Moyano a “mafioso”

Truckers’ union leader Hugo Moyano accused presidential candidate and former PRO leader Patricia Bullrich of “incapacity” to run the country during an interview on the channel TVP last night. Bullrich was quick to respond on Twitter, calling Moyano a “mafioso”.

The broadsides came as Bullrich found herself facing questions after a witness involved in the investigation into the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner last September said that her phone had been wiped in one of Bullrich’s offices.

“The clearest thing about this lady is the incapacity to assume a responsibility as great as the presidency,” Moyano said during the interview. “She says she’s going to eliminate everything, all workers’ rights… and she doesn’t realize, she can do that, but how long will it take for people to react, to recover all that?”

He also called her “maleducada” (rude or bad-mannered). “If this country, with the culture we have of work, responsibility, workers’ rights, they want to take that away, after that comes a reaction. […] People will not accept having their holidays, their aguinaldos (thirteenth salary payments) taken away, they’ll react.”

At a series of events in recent weeks, Bullrich, who served as security minister during Mauricio Macri’s presidency, has trailed her economic proposals for government if she wins this October’s presidential election. These include trade liberalization, welfare cuts, and an “iron fist” approach to protests.

In response to the trade unionist’s comments, Bullrich tweeted: “Moyano, our country needs radical and deep changes. It can’t take any more. Neither you, nor any other mafioso, will stop us from facing up to these changes.”

Witness’s phone wiped

Bullrich also accused the government of fabricating accusations that she was involved in wiping the phone of a witness in the investigation into the attempted assassination of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

“They don’t know what to make up anymore in the face of the total and utter failure of their pathetic government,” she tweeted. “With me, Kirchnerism ends on December 10,” referring to the date that the next president will take office.

After the assassination attempt, a witness testified that before the attack, he heard opposition deputy Gerardo Milman tell two of his assessors in a bar near congress: “When they kill her I’ll be on my way to the coast.” Milman has denied making the comment.

When called to give evidence, both assessors denied that their boss had made the remarks. Ultimately, they were also required to hand their phones over to the prosecutor, Carlos Rívolo, in order to investigate apparent contradictions in their testimony. One, Ivana Bohdziewicz, stated that she had deleted information from her phone. On Friday, she took the witness stand again and said that she had gone to offices that she believed were Bullrich’s and the device had been wiped there.

On Twitter, Kirchner described the events as a cover-up. 


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