Milei says Elon Musk could visit Argentina in 2024

The president-elect spoke to the Tesla founder and thanked him for ‘defending the ideas of freedom’

Javier Milei spoke over the phone with Elon Musk on Wednesday and thanked him for “defending the ideas of freedom,” the president-elect said in a post made on social media. He also stated that the owner of social media platform X wished him “luck and success” in the task ahead and that they talked about the possibility of Musk visiting Argentina in 2024. 

“Although [Musk] will not be able to attend the inauguration ceremony, we vowed to stay in touch for him to visit Argentina next year so we can continue strengthening our ties and working together,” Milei posted on X. 

The talk between the two was also referenced in a communiqué his press team released on Wednesday night, in which they stated that Musk had “congratulated Milei on his victory and made himself available to help defend the ideas of freedom.” 

The contact between the two apparently arose after Musk shared a video of a Milei interview on Tuesday. In the footage, the president-elect can be seen attempting to explain Argentina’s problems to political analyst and writer Jorge Asís, attributing its woes to a “society obsessed with equality” and concluding that “there is nothing more unjust than social media.”

“When you put equality over freedom, you get neither. When you put freedom over equality, you get plenty of both,” Milei told Asís. “John Stuart Mill himself said that a society that places that much importance on equality ultimately becomes a society of looters and crumbles.”

Milei quoted Musk’s post on X, saying, “Elon, we have to talk.”

This was not the first time the founder of Tesla had endorsed the libertarian economist’s ideas. Following Milei’s win in the August primaries, Musk said his victory in Argentina’s elections would mean represent “quite a change”, although he deleted the post a few hours later. 

Musk also reacted positively to an interview Milei had with Tucker Carlson, where the president-elect accused Pope Francis of defending “dictators” and called social justice “robbery.” Following the news of Milei’s win in November, Musk weighed in with a post saying, “Prosperity is ahead for Argentina.”


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