Elon Musk shares video of Milei attacking ‘social justice’

The tech mogul posted a video of Argentina’s far-right president-elect describing equality and redistribution of wealth as ‘repressive’ and ‘unfair.’

Tech mogul Elon Musk showed his support for Argentina’s president-elect Javier Milei today, sharing a video clip of the far-right economist brushing off the notion of social justice and equality during a TV interview. 

“When you put equality over freedom, you get neither. When you put freedom over equality, you get plenty of both,” Milei told journalist Jorge Asís on A24. “John Stuart Mill himself said that a society that places that much importance on equality, ultimately becomes a society of looters, and crumbles.”

Milei’s personal X account quickly responded to Musk, posting “We need to talk, Elon.”

In the video, which had more than 21 million views at the time of writing, Milei tries to bring down the notion of “social justice,” a backbone of Peronism and the welfare state in Argentina since the 1950s. 

“Social justice is unfair,” Milei says in the video. “There is nothing more unfair than social justice. What’s the greatest accomplishment of liberalism? Equality before the law. Laws are the same for everyone. When you go along with social justice, which is the redistribution of wealth, what you are really doing is using the state’s repressive machinery to take from the successful and distribute whimsically according to the wishes of whoever sits in power.”  

The video was posted by Milei Explains, an X account that shares videos of the economist’s TV appearances, with English subtitles. Milei’s political career began as an infuriated TV commentator who ranted about the political classes and other common targets of right-wing populism such as climate change, “gender ideology,” “globalism,” and “cultural Marxism.” 

Elon Musk had already shown his approval for the controversial Argentine candidate after the elections, responding to the news of Milei’s win with a post saying “Prosperity is ahead for Argentina.”

Prior to that, the X owner had posted “Would be quite a change” to an announcement by pro-Trump commentator Tucker Carlson about interviewing the then candidate. Musk quickly deleted the post, but not until Milei had the chance to respond and invite both Musk and Carlson to Argentina.

“You both are more than welcome to come to Argentina next year if we succeed!” he posted.


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