Milei to speak at global investors conference in the US

The president will travel for the first time aboard the ARG 01, an aircraft part of Argentina’s official fleet

President Javier Milei will leave on Saturday for a 4-day trip to the United States to speak at a global investor conference in Los Angeles, California. The trip will mark the first time the president will travel aboard the ARG 01, a Boeing 787 part of the country’s official fleet that was acquired during the Alberto Fernández administration. Milei is expected to be back in Argentina at noon on Tuesday. 

Milei was invited to take part in the Milken Institute Forum, which gathers businessmen, bankers, CEOs, and investment funds. The event will take place between May 5 and 8 and the president will be one of the speakers, according to information from Casa Rosada.

The president is also expected to hold a meeting with FIFA head Gianni Infantino.

Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni has stated that Milei will no longer travel on commercial flights. “The Security Ministry warned us about certain risks that exist if the president continues to fly on commercial flights,” Adorni said hours after the president returned to the country from the U.S. after a new conflict broke out in the Middle East.

Javier Milei’s next steps on the international stage

Milei will be in Spain on May 18 and 19 to attend an event Vox party leader Santiago Abascal is setting up at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid.

The president also plans to travel to Ukraine in June after Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski visited Buenos Aires for Milei’s inauguration in December. His visit to Ukraine will be part of a tour that will include stops in Spain, Germany, and France.

In Spain, he is also due to receive the Juan de Mariana Prize, which has been awarded since 2007 to personalities linked to liberal thought. The ceremony is scheduled for June 21. The following day, he will be awarded the Hayek Medal in Germany, an award created in honor of Nobel Prize in Economics, Frederic von Hayek.

While in Germany, he will meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz. He is also scheduled to meet President Emmanuel Macron in France.

Although it is not yet confirmed, there is a chance Javier Milei will attend the G7 summit in June in Italy. It is worth remembering that Milei met in February with Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, who said that Milei was “fascinating.”

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