Thousands march in Uruguay demanding answers for dictatorship crimes

The March of Silence called for ‘memory, truth, and justice’ and for ‘state terrorism never again’

Thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown Montevideo on Monday in the 29th March of Silence under the motto “memory, truth, and justice” to demand answers from for dictatorship crimes

The march, which has been taking place since 1996, was conducted under the following slogan: “They know where they are. We demand answers. State terrorism never again. Memory, truth, and justice.”

Ignacio Errandonea, representative of the NGO Family Members of Mothers and People Detained and Disappeared that organized the protest, explained to the Subrayado media outlet that they have been marching “for many years” but have not yet “obtained any answers.” 

“The Executive Branch has to order the Armed Forces to deliver the information. Until when are we going to have to march, demanding the truth of what happened to our relatives?” he asked.

Graciela Montes de Oca, also a member of the NGO, said that she could “feel the human warmth” of the demonstrators, stating that she felt that “they are walking along a good path.” 

“More and more groups are joining; we have seen a lot of progress in sports, where clubs have opened their doors so that we can talk about what this march is about,” she added.

In spite of the popular support, Montes de Oca remarked that there are still no answers from the Army or the state.

The word of Mujica

Former President José Mujica, who was present at the march, pointed out that within the Frente Amplio (FA), the political coalition he is part of, there is always the feeling that “a lot was missing.”

“It creates contradictions. I don’t have any grudges; I am too old for that. I have a feeling that society wants to know the real truth. True justice is the truth,” he concluded.

Mujica’s own sister-in-law, former member of the Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros (MLN-T) María Topolansky, sister of former Vice President Lucía Topolansky, criticized the pair in a press conference.

“They also made a mistake, beyond the fact that my sister is vice president and he is my brother-in-law. I separate the family aspect; but they did not get to the bottom of this issue, we have not had a total demand to get [the information],” she said.

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