How to enjoy a last-minute Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

Hoping to savor a taste of home this holiday weekend? The Herald has you covered

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, but if you’re traveling or living abroad this holiday season, don’t despair: You can still enjoy a taste of home in Buenos Aires.

Casa Isla, a stylish eatery in Belgrano, will be featuring a special Thanksgiving-themed menu for homesick Americans and native Argentines alike tonight. Along with such main courses as oven-cooked turkey, glazed ham, and barbecued ribs, you can savor classic Turkey Day sides like smashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, brussels sprouts, and cornbread. There’s no stuffing on offer, alas, but plenty of gravy and cranberry sauce to go around.

For dessert, you can partake of apple, pecan, and pumpkin pie. The restaurant will also be serving cheesecake, which isn’t exactly classic Thanksgiving fare, but we won’t hold it against them.

If you can’t secure a reservation to Casa Isla this evening, Kansas Grill & Bar, which has multiple locations across the city and promises “authentic American cuisine,” will be celebrating as well. Kansas’ menu is somewhat less extravagant than Casa Isla’s, but you’ll still find the essentials: stuffed turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, a choice of vegetables, and pecan pie with whipped cream.

It’s easy to lose track of the holidays in the warm weather. Fortunately, the extravagant St. Regis restaurant downtown will be hosting a Thanksgiving Food Festival through Saturday to celebrate the bicentennial of U.S.-Argentine relations. Just keep in mind that the St. Regis requires a reservation and its prix fixe meal runs AR$30,000 (approximately US$80 at the official dollar rate, US$28 at the MEP dollar rate).

These restaurants may not offer the comfort of mom’s cooking, but they’re the next best thing.

Casa Isla is located on Migueletes 715 in Belgrano. The St. Regis restaurant is located in the Park Tower Hotel on Leandro N. Alem 1193. Kansas Grill & Bar has separate locales in San Isidro, Palermo, Pilar, Vicente López, Recoleta, Parque Leloir, and elsewhere.


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