Four porteño bars celebrate International Whisky Day

If you are in Buenos Aires today, you can pay your respects to the absolute king of distilled beverages

Neat, with two drops of water, or “on the rocks”.

Created in Scotland in the 15th century, the amber-colored beverage has a very specific reputation. For lots of people, whisky is the drink of choice for stern, cultured yet somewhat tormented men of a certain age – the Ernest Hemingway types. However, this has started to change, as more people are drinking it in cocktails and parties, as well as an appetizer – and not just with two ice cubes in a crystal glass while reminiscing about the horrors of war in a Parisian bar.

A sign of this change is that bars all over Buenos Aires today are celebrating International Whisky Day. And the different options show the range of the undisputed king of distilled beverages.

Here are our recommendations:

Museo del Whisky (The Whisky Museum)

The Argentine Whisky Museum has the honor of being the largest of its kind in the world – with 4,000 bottles, it set a Guinness Record after dethroning another museum in Edinburgh.

It was founded in 2014 by Miguel Reigosa, a Malvinas War Veteran. The crown jewel, according to him, is a Royal Salute 62 Gun bottle that Queen Elizabeth II herself gave him in 2010. “It was signed by Collin Scott, Brand Ambassador of Royal Salute,” Reigosa told Clarín newspaper last year.

The Museum has a bar where clients can order up to 250 different varieties. Today, starting at 6 p.m., the Museum will be offering 50% discounts on cocktails and exclusive imported whisky shots. A reservation is required to attend.

Address: 3982 Avenida Monroe, Villa Urquiza

Macriado (Spoiled)

This restaurant and wine bar in Parque Leloir has a lounge, a heated terrace, and tables on the sidewalk.

For International Whisky Day, it offers six select cocktails at a special price of AR$1,300.

The six available drinks will be the Penicilin (bourbon, lemon juice, honey and ginger); the Boulevardier (pink vermouth, bourbon, Campari and orange juice); the classic Old Fashioned (Jim Beam, bitters and sugar); the Manhattan (whisky and pink vermouth); the Apple Green (a fruity noted drink made with whisky, lemon juice, apple, honey, cinnamon, and bitters); and the Jameson Lemonade (Jameson whisky, lemon juice, syrup, and club soda).

Malcriado’s food menu includes cuts of meat that can be either grilled, baked in a clay oven, or done in a plow disc.

Address: Martín Fierro 3290, Parque Leloir


At Sede’s entrance there is a plaque that reads: “Here lies the conservative look of whisky.” This small bar created by and for young whisky lovers also has a DJ lineup that changes every night – you will listen to reggaeton, hip hop, trap, and electronic music tracks.

The bar prides itself on having good prices and not being designed exclusively for connoisseurs. The menu includes fritters, omelets, and different cheeses. It opens at 7.30 p.m. and no reservation is required to attend.

Address: Guevara 421

Francisca del Fuego

Francisca del Fuego will celebrate International Whisky Day today and tomorrow with three exclusively designed cocktails based on Jameson Irish whisky. There will also be live music events with guest artists and DJs that promise to liven the atmosphere to the beat of soul, funk, disco & house, trip-hop, and more.

They will offer “three signature creations”: the Irish Eyes cocktail, which combines a measure of Jameson, pineapple and lemon juice, and coriander cordial; the Banshee, with Jameson, hazelnut liqueur, lemon juice, and banana cream; and the Maniac, a fat washing of Jameson with peanut paste, vanilla syrup and a touch of bitter chocolate.

Address: 220 Infanta Isabel Avenue, Arco 14, Palermo.

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