It’s official: Scaloni to stay on as Argentina’s coach

The Argentine Football Association confirmed that the “Scaloneta” leader has renewed his contract hours before FIFA’s The Best awards ceremony

The Argentine Football Association has confirmed via its official Twitter account that Lionel Scaloni will continue as head coach of Argentina’s national team, an anxiously awaited announcement after the country’s World Cup win last December. 

The @SelecciónArgentina account posted this afternoon a picture of Scaloni with a short text: “CONFIRMED: We’ll have @lioscaloni for a while. Onwards!”

AFA president Chiqui Tapia also posted a picture of him with Scaloni, and wrote: “When trust is deep, communication is simple and effective. We keep strengthening our national teams project together with Lionel Scaloni, coach for the World Cup champions”. The AFA website later confirmed Tapia and Scaloni met in Paris today to sign the coach’s contract until 2026. 

The announcement came just hours before the FIFA The Best awards ceremony, in which Scaloni is nominated for Best Coach of 2022. Lionel Messi and Emiliano “el Dibu” Martinez are also in the running for the Men’s categories of Best Player and Best Goalkeeper, respectively.  

AFA also announced that Argentina will play two friendly matches in late March against Panama and Curacao. The date, time and location will be published in the coming days, according to AFA’s website.


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