US Ambassador talks bilateral cooperation at AmCham 

Ambassador Marc Stanley also expressed concern about the impact of economic reforms on society’s most vulnerable

marc stanley

US Ambassador to Argentina Marc Stanley spoke at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham Argentina) Summit today, highlighting his country’s strategic interest in deepening bilateral relations with Argentina

Stanley celebrated the Milei administration’s “commitment” to collaborating with the United States, calling Argentina and the US “natural partners.” 

The ambassador affirmed the United States’ interest in the Milei government’s economic reforms, which he deemed “critical to create that foundation for growth.”

“However, we’re also concerned about the impact of economic reforms on society’s most vulnerable during this period of rapid reform,” added Stanley. “We discuss this at every meeting we have with [President] Javier Milei.”

The statement echoes similar concerns voiced by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a February meeting with Economy Minister Luis Caputo.

Stanley soon shifted his focus to areas of potential bilateral collaboration, emphasizing the US’ interest in spotlighting trade and investment opportunities to help Argentina “feed and fuel the world.”

He noted US interest in Argentina’s mining and critical minerals sector, which he said could support the administration of US President Joe Biden’s goals of promoting clean energy and strengthening critical supply chains. “The Secretary [of State, Antony Blinken] has been following up personally on this,” said Stanley, referencing Blinken’s recent visit to Argentina. 

Outlining challenges to Argentina’s fostering closer ties with the United States, Stanley named trade barriers, Argentina’s import licensing regime, limited access to foreign currency, commercial debt, and general economic instability as roadblocks to overcome. 

He also emphasized that US businesses were watching the Milei administration’s “adherence to the rule of law.” “We’re watching what the reaction is going to be with the DNU that has gone to the courts. If they rule for or against, is that going to be properly respected, how […] will the administration respect the rule of law?”

Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino, who Stanley praised for “skillfully explaining what the Milei administration is doing,” closed the session, titled “The Bilateral Relationship.” 

She underscored the Milei government’s intention to deepen Argentina’s integration with the region and the world, which she said was “the best way to grow and develop.”  Stressing the importance of free trade and emphasizing the government’s commitment to “zero deficit” and inflation reduction, the foreign minister stated that “productivity is the critical word.” Companies, she said, should see their local productivity increase.


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