SUBE updates: credit validation now available on buses

The public transport payment system will also be extended to 5 new cities, totalling 58 nation-wide.

Your quest for validation is over — if you have a SUBE card, that is.

Passengers in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area’s public transport system can now validate SUBE card payments onboard buses through the Carga a Bordo (Top Up on Board) system. The Ministry of Transport announced the update on Monday.

Until now, passengers could buy more SUBE credit with a credit card or digital wallet, but they could only accredit or “validate” the credit they had bought through a physical terminal or an Android cellphone via the Carga Sube app. 

The Top Up on Board system was already active on local bus lines in the cities of Neuquén, Rosario, Reconquista (Santa Fe), and on provincial lines in Chubut.

To use Top Up on Board, tell the driver that you have accreditation pending, then hold the card on the reader. Then, tell the driver where you’re going and pay for your ride as usual. 

The SUBE card will also be available in 5 new cities: Tornquist and Azul in Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn and Esquel in Chubut, and Concepción del Uruguay in Entre Ríos, meaning that a total of 58 cities across the country now use the system.

“The SUBE card is a technological innovation and a state policy that we support,” said Transport Minister Diego Giuliano. “The SUBE card is what allows you to access transport in a direct, simple and modern way.” 

He added that the goal is to roll the system out across the entire country.

“It will be the tool we will use to transfer and distribute transportat fare subsidies straight to the users and not just to the companies, as it has been so far.”

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