Iron Mountain warehouse ablaze a second time

The case against the suspected arsonists of the 2014 fire is ongoing nine years later

For the second time in a decade, a Barracas warehouse belonging to Iron Mountain —a multinational company that provides storage of sensitive documents for corporations— has gone up in flames. There are no reported injuries or deaths.

Télam reported that firefighters expect to work on the warehouse for two more weeks in order to fully stop the fire. The fire spread onto the roof and yesterday, because of the flames, part of the warehouse wall fell onto three vehicles that were parked on the street. Another wall was demolished earlier today to avoid damage to adjoining buildings.

A fire broke out in the same warehouse in 2014, claiming the lives of 10 people —  eight firefighters and two Civil Defense agents working to put out the fire. 18 people are accused of arson and the case was sent to oral trial two weeks ago by Judge Fabiana Palmaghini. 

By the time the 2014 fire happened, Iron Mountain had seven fires break out in their warehouses across the globe, five of which were found to be intentional. The Argentine fire was the only one where people died. 

It has not yet been determined whether the fire was intentionally started or not, but presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti tweeted yesterday that “every time that a judiciary case involved the rich and the famous” the “key information stored in Iron Mountain’s warehouses is self-destroyed”. 

“It’s not a coincidence, it’s the mafia capitalism,” she said.



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