Milei posts bizarre list rejecting ‘fake news,’ denies having sex with his sister

The far-right candidate also denied talking to his dead dog, Conan

Far-right libertarian presidential candidate Javier Milei published a bizarre list on social media denying what he called twenty-six “fake news” about him. Included on the list are some of his campaign proposals, comments he has made, as well as opinions and rumors about him.

What caught particular attention was the ninth item on the list, which reads, “Milei fucked his sister — FAKE.” The claim stems from jokes circulating on social media referencing the relationship he has with his sister, Karina Milei. The comments seemingly originated after Milei said that, if elected, his sister would have a role equivalent to that of a “first lady.” This is the first time Milei has seriously and unequivocally gone on record to deny this rumor.

Karina is currently her brother’s acting campaign manager. The candidate publicly calls her El Jefe (the Spanish masculine form of “the boss”) and “the Messiah.”

Another item widely commented on was Milei’s denial that he “speaks with dead dogs.” Journalist Juan Luis González wrote an unauthorized biography of Milei in which he contends that the candidate uses a medium to “communicate with his dead dog” Conan, an English mastiff he had cloned.

Conan’s clones were part of a controversy involving misinformation last week, as an alleged hacker falsely claimed he was selling his DNA sequence online.

The list says that it is “false” that the far-right candidate endorses the sale of organs and children. However, Milei has said the first is “just another market,” and has failed to condemn the second, in two separate interviews.

Milei also denies that he supports the “free bearing of firearms,” although deregulating the firearm market is part of his campaign platform. The post says it is a lie that Milei intends to privatize healthcare and education, although his party’s platform vows to eliminate free state schools and healthcare and replace them with a “voucher system” designed to subsidize whoever needs them.

Other parts of the list reject that Milei is “anti-democratic,” a “nazi” or “a puppet of [former president Mauricio] Macri.”

Milei’s post comes after several organizations expressed concern regarding the use of fake news directed at Economy Minister and UxP presidential candidate Sergio Massa. Milei himself shared some of them on social media. Fack-checking website Chequeado compiled 18 fake news about Massa that circulated since September 29. One of them was an AI-manipulated video showing Massa consuming cocaine.

Milei’s list is fashioned in the style of the government’s official communications. It even has a letterhead reading “Argentine Presidency.” However, it was not emitted by the state — it is, as far as presentations go, also a fake.


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