Larreta officially launches presidential bid

His #Hora2023 campaign was met with support, tensions and silence from across his coalition.

City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta launched his presidential campaign on social media last night and made it official with a video at midday, calling for an end to “fighting.” 

“The only ones who benefit from political infighting are those who started it,” he said. “I want to be a good president so that we can all end hate together.” 

Larreta’s slogan is “It’s time that we dare to change Argentina forever,” together with the hashtag #Hora2023. Several Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) allies supported him, including former senator Esteban Bullrich, BA city officer Martín Redrado, JxC Congressman Diego Santilli and former senator Lilita Carrió, who has also announced she will run for the presidency. 

Patricia Bullrich, Larreta’s biggest coalition opponent, posted a Twitter thread in which she indirectly talked about “being soft” and discarded the possibility of dialogue with government allies. This was in direct contrast with Larreta’s more conciliatory speech. Earlier this week, she had criticized Buenos Aires City Mayor for waiting for the national government’s approval to provide the local police officers with taser guns. 

Bullrich’s discursive strategy is set on highlighting how Larreta is focused on policy and bureaucracy, while her proposal for voters includes a tougher attitude in order to “fix” Argentina. 

“I’m going to fight side by side with the Argentine to put things in their place: we need determination, conviction, and courage to tidy this country up,” she said in her thread. 

Meanwhile, Macri continues to meet with all JxC candidates to show his full support for transparent and fair primary elections. Yesterday, he visited María Eugenia Vidal’s new headquarters in Retiro, the heart of Buenos Aires, where she is preparing to launch her presidential run. He had done so too with Larreta and Bullrich over the summer

So far, Macri has shown no indication of running for reelection himself. The primary will be contested between Bullrich, Larreta, Vidal and Carrió. Their ticket partners have not been disclosed yet. 


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