As Juntos por el Cambio infighting intensifies, Macri and Larreta meet in Patagonia

“We share values,” stated Rodríguez Larreta after the meeting.

Ex-President Mauricio Macri and Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta met in Cumelén Country Club, in Villa la Angostura, where the former leader usually spends his holidays. Last week, Macri also met with PRO President Patricia Bullrich, in a series of gatherings that are likely to outline the opposition’s election strategy. 

“We met with Horacio and talked about how important it is to carry out a true, deep change for Argentina to get back on track,” posted Macri after the meeting, along with a picture of the pair during their meeting. “It’s urgent for that change to happen now, without delay.”

Rodríguez Larreta tweeted: “Macri and I share values and the aim of making life better for people. We’re both convinced that Argentina has to be changed for good, and we want to carry out that change.” He highlighted that he and Macri have been working together “for 20 years,” exchanging ideas and building a joint vision of the path the country needs to take. 

Juntos por el Cambio officials have been entangled in party infighting ahead of October’s presidential elections. Bullrich and Rodríguez Larreta are political opponents within their party: the Buenos Aires Mayor represents a right position, while the former Security Minister has capitalized on the far-right ideas that have been gaining ground in Argentina, exemplified by the growth of candidates such as libertarian economist Javier Milei. As Mauricio Macri has met with both candidates and posted photos with them, it is unclear who he will support and even who he would run with if he were to seek re-election.

Bullrich scored a photograph with Macri last week, making her the first to have a public expression of unity with the former president in 2023. However, Rodríguez Larreta met with him several times in January, although the pair did not give any public statements on the matter. 


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