La Pampa kicks off 2023 electoral calendar

Your guide to which elections are happening this year and when

Argentina’s 2023 elections aren’t just about choosing the next president, but also about defining governorships across the country. Some local elections are carried out at the same time as the presidential ballot, but some are held on separate dates. 

Before October’s presidential election, most Argentine provinces will elect governors, mayors, legislators, and district representatives.

Here’s your guide to who’s winning so far and who’s on the ballot. We’ll be updating this as and when it happens, so check back for updates.

February 12: Primary election in La Pampa

Yesterday, election season kicked off in La Pampa, with the province holding primaries. Not all provinces hold primary elections, but many do. The election was only open to parties with more than one candidate, and voting was not compulsory. 

Within opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio, Martin Berhongaray from the Radical Party (UCR) won 56% to 43% against Martin Maquieyra of the Propuesta Republicana (PRO). 

Martín Berhongaray will run against Frente de Todos candidate Sergio Ziliotto in the province’s elections on May 14. Peronism has governed La Pampa since the return of democracy in 1983. 

Stay tuned for

April 16:  elections in Río Negro and Neuquén

May 7:  elections in Jujuy, Misiones, La Rioja and Tierra del Fuego 

May 14:  elections in La Pampa, San Juan, Salta and Tucumán 

June 4: election in Corrientes 

June 11: primary election in Mendoza,  election in San Luis 

June 18:  election in Cordóba

June, to be defined: primary election in Santa Fe,  election in Formosa

July 30: primary election in Entre Ríos

August 13: primary election for presidential candidates 

September 12:  election in Chaco

September 24:  election in Mendoza and Entre Ríos 

October 22: Presidential elections; provincial elections in Buenos Aires city, Buenos Aires province, Santa Cruz and Catamarca


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