Government to sell planes and reduce chauffeurs, aims to end ‘political privilege’

Spokesman Manuel Adorni said that some cars of the official fleet will be given to the police

Presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni announced Friday in his morning press conference that the government will reduce chauffeurs for public officials by 50%. He added that they will also look to sell two planes that belonged to state-owned oil company YPF that were used “almost exclusively” for what he said were “political privileges.”

“This is in addition to the reduction the government had already decided earlier this week […] We will continue to inform about the reduction of privileges every day,” Adorni said, referencing the decision announced last Monday to reduce ministries and secretariats by 50% and 49%, respectively, to cut public spending. 

“These measures will save the state close to US$3 billion,” he stated.

Adorni also said that the cars belonging to the official fleet will also be reduced and that the vehicles considered apt enough will be diverted to the police, while the others will be sold. In turn, he stated that welfare programs handled through social organizations — what he called “intermediaries” — have also been cut, adding that this did not include the Universal Child Allowance social and the Food Card programs. 

“We want to end the business of poverty; this is President Milei’s decision.”

Asked by two journalists if there were plans to offer economic help to workers affected by inflation and subsidy slashing, Adorni said that it was the government’s intention that “salary negotiations be freely conducted between parties.” He added that, at the time, he had no information regarding the possibility of there being any end-of-the-year bonus for workers. 

“We want to build an Argentina for everyone, for those who want to work and progress. Our priority is the young and those who are most in need. In terms of income, we have done everything in our power to insure that the impact of the economic measures [announced by minister Caputo] affect them the least,” he said.

Adorni also said that President Milei backed the anti-protest security protocol announced Thursday by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, that authorizes federal security forces to clamp down on protests or marches carrying out any form of roadblock. 

“The goal is that people’s right to movement not be violated [due to protests],” he stated. 


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