Argentina won’t open polling stations in Israel or Ukraine

The National Electoral Chamber suspended the elections due to the ongoing conflicts in both countries

The government suspended October 22nd’s presidential elections for Argentines in Israel and Ukraine, embassies in both countries confirmed on Tuesday.

The Argentine Embassy in Ukraine said in a communiqué it won’t open the polling stations “due to the prevailing conditions originated by the war” sparked by Russia’s invasion in February 2022. Russian troops have seized about 17% of Ukraine’s internationally recognized territory since then, according to an analysis of data from the Institute for the Study of War data by The Guardian.

The Embassy in Israel said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that Argentines there won’t be able to vote due to the “situation of public knowledge,” referring to the recent attacks by Hamas in Israel and the country’s retaliatory bombardment and blockade of Gaza. The United Nations World Food Programme said that stores in Gaza only have enough food left for the next “four or five days” due to the blockade.

The National Electoral Chamber determined both suspensions.

According to official sources, 152 Argentines were registered to vote in Ukraine and 14,201 were in Israel. 

On October 22, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. — local time for each country — 451,200 Argentine citizens abroad will cast their votes in 84 countries.

Voting is optional for citizens abroad. Therefore, they will not have to carry out any procedure to justify not casting the vote, as is the case for voters in the national territory.
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