It’s official: Javier Milei announced as Argentina’s next president in the Senate

The far-right coalition got 55.65% of the vote against 44.35% of the Peronist ticket

Argentina’s Congress officially announced Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruel as the next president and vice-president of Argentina and summoned them to swear their oath on December 10.

Lawmakers from both the Lower House and the Senate attended the session, which was presided over by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. La Libertad Avanza deputy Carolina Píparo informed the final results of the presidential run-off — 55.65% (14.5 million votes) for the Milei-Villarruel far-right coalition and 44.35% (11.5 million votes) for the Peronist ticket which ran Economy Minister Sergio Massa and Chief of Staff Agustín Rossi.

Most of the attendees applauded after the mention of each one of the tickets. Milei smiled, waved, and gave a thumbs-up. Kirchner was in charge of officially announcing them for the period beginning on December 10, 2024, and ending on December 10, 2027.

Before the session began, Milei was congratulated by members of the PRO and other parties. No lawmakers for the ruling coalition or the left-wing parties approached Milei or Villarruel.

For the first time in history, both the president and the vice-president-elect are national deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies will meet again next week to hold the preparatory session where the 130 deputies who were elected on October 22 will take their oath. On Thursday 7, the Senate will meet to do the same thing with the 24 new senators.


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