Chief Supreme Court Justice Rosatti calls for ‘national unity’ after Argentine elections 

He warned about confrontation and stressed the need to cling to the mast of the Constitution.

Argentina’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Horacio Rosatti expressed hope that the new government, which will be defined on November 19 run-off, “will establish a path of national unity and union that is so important to get the country rolling.”

Rosatti, who is also the head of the Council of Magistrates, was speaking at an event at the University of Lomas de Zamora’s Law School on Tuesday. 

The statement appeared to be a subtle show of support for Union por la Patria’s presidential candidate Sergio Massa who has repeatedly stated that, if elected, he will form a national unity government inviting leaders from opposition parties into his administration. In September, the head of the Supreme Court stated that a dollarization plan — a trademark policy proposal from La Libertad Avanza’s (LLA) Javier Milei — would be unconstitutional.

He also warned about “the song of discord, divide and confrontation” being a “siren song.”

“[We must] cling to the mast of the Constitution, which is the pledge of national unity that got us out of anarchy in 1853; it was a unity pledge for the 1994 reform, and will surely be a pledge of national unity to get through this Aegean Sea we need to cross to get the destination we all want,” said Rosatti. 

Rosatti and the rest of the Supreme Court Justices — Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti — are currently facing impeachment by the Chamber of Deputies at the request of President Alberto Fernández and ruling-party provincial governors for alleged misconduct. 

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