Alberto Fernández will move to Spain after presidency

The government added that Fernández postponed a scheduled visit to the pope to continue working on the presidential transition

Argentine President Alberto Fernández will move to Spain after the end of his presidency on December 10, presidential spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti confirmed Saturday. 

Fernández had already hinted at his future plans in an interview he gave last week to Spanish media outlet El País. Asked what he would do after Milei’s inauguration on the 10th, the president said he had been offered teaching positions in Spain, which he was currently considering.

“I think taking distance is a good thing. [Former Spanish Prime Minister] Felipe González used to say that ex-presidents are like Chinese vases because we’re so valuable that no one knows where to put us. You have to let the new person work without the permanent harassment we suffered from day one, which doesn’t let you move forward,” he said.

The government also confirmed on Saturday that Fernández’s official visit to Pope Francis, originally planned for the last week of November, has been postponed so he can continue working on the transition with Javier Milei and his team from Unión por la Patria (UxP) to La Libertad Avanza (LLA). The visit to the Vatican, which would have been the president’s final official trip, has been rescheduled until after Fernández settles in Spain. 

Fernández and Milei began transition talks Tuesday morning at the presidential residence in Olivos, Buenos Aires province, where Milei will move when he takes office. The leaders established that their respective teams would start working across all areas of government and discussed Argentina’s international agenda.

The two and a half-hour meeting was described as “friendly, respectful, and institutional.” Neither side made any requests to the other.


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