Welcome, we were expecting you

The rebirth of the Buenos Aires Herald is an opportunity for the country that is coming.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is the mayor of Buenos Aires City

The news of the Buenos Aires Herald’s relaunch couldn’t be better. I won’t repeat the clichés —although they are all true— about the importance of media outlets and free journalism in a democratic society like the one Argentine people have been building for the past forty years. 

The Herald’s long history, particularly its bravery, ethics and values during Argentina’s darkest years, speak for itself. People such as Robert Cox, James Neilson and Andrew Graham-Yooll, among others, have a very important place in the memory of the Argentine people. They have taught us that principles always come first, and respect for human life is non-negotiable. 

The Argentina of the future needs lots of freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of thought. It needs to have debates that have long been postponed. It needs everyone to be heard. The media is an exceptional place for this to happen.  

Sadly, for several years now, journalism has also been affected by division. Argentines have been overcome by a fear of hearing different opinions and debating from a place of respect for others. A refusal to build bridges and connections with those with whom we disagree has led many to reduce the diversity of their sources of information and confine themselves to monotonous bubbles.  

This is not good for democracy as I see it. I believe there’s a place for everyone in Argentina, and we have already learned in the worst possible ways that division, restriction, attacks and attempts to ban those who don’t agree with us always lead us to a worse place. We live worse because politicians still haven’t understood that it is through unity, not division, that one governs.

The rebirth of the Buenos Aires Herald is an opportunity for the country that is coming. Its history grants it a privileged spot. I, like so many other Argentinians, am eagerly waiting for it and wish it the utmost success. Welcome back. We missed you.


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