Meet the team

I would like to present the members of the Buenos Aires Herald’s newsroom

Today marks the official relaunch of what I believe to be the most influential English-language newspaper in South America, and it is an enormous honor and privilege to take on the role of managing editor.

When I arrived in Argentina in 2018 as an UBA masters student, the Buenos Aires Herald had closed, and over the years I came to appreciate the enormous value the paper had in Argentina’s media ecosystem. 

Given the Herald’s storied history, I am fully conscious that I have big shoes to fill, and all I can say is that I will do my best to fill them. Fortunately, I will be doing it with the support of a brilliant team.

With that in mind, I would like to present the members of the Buenos Aires Herald’s newsroom, giving them space to explain, in their own words, why they’re here.

Estefanía Pozzo is the editor-in-chief of the Buenos Aires Herald. An economics and finance specialist, her work has appeared in a variety of Argentine financial publications and international media including The New York Times. She was a columnist for The Washington Post, and is the author of the book “It’s the economy, you’re not stupid”.

She earned a master’s in journalism and is now pursuing a master’s in finance.

Estefanía says: “Argentina will have achieved 40 years of non-stop democracy in December. During all these years, through challenging times, one thing remains the same: Argentine society’s deep respect for our democracy. The Buenos Aires Herald can proudly say that it has played a fundamental part in that process. We as a team are fully committed to our past and will continue to honor it in this new stage. Looking to the future, we will also be bringing you news about contemporary, innovative and creative Argentina. I hope you enjoy the new Buenos Aires Herald!”

Valen Iricibar, editor, is an award-winning journalist and podcaster with a master’s degree from the Craig Newmark School of Journalism in New York. Their work specializes in policy, gender-based violence and LGBTQIA issues in both audio and print. Previously a politics reporter at the Bubble and a contributor to the Buenos Aires Times, they have a broad base of experience covering Argentina in English. 

Valen says: “I’m excited to cover Argentina from a local and humanitarian perspective — beyond the flat image bestowed by international media as a “naughty” country. It’s daunting but incredibly moving to think about relaunching an iconic newspaper focused on human rights from a new perspective in a country with continued, deep struggles for social justice. And I hope we can inject our coverage with the unapologetically joyful and frankly weird side of Argentina, too.”

Lucía Cholakian Herrera is a reporter covering politics, society and human rights for the Herald. Her work has appeared in the BBC, Foreign Policy, Vice, Rest of World, and many more. She is an ICFJ 2022 Emerging Media Leader.

Lucía says: “I’ve learned over the years that seeking to view Argentina through the eyes of the world can help me to better understand this strange, passionate, hectic country myself. However, I’m not here merely to ‘explain’ Argentine politics and human rights in a foreign language, but also to amplify the voices of those who make this country what it is – for good and for bad. I’m honored to be a reporter for such a historical newspaper that places a high value on quality and conscientious reporting.”

Facundo Iglesia is the Herald’s economics, finance and technology reporter. He has written for numerous outlets including The Guardian, Wired, Le Monde Diplomatique, Rest of World, Perfil, among many others. In 2021, he won the ESET Latin American Award for Journalism on Computer Security.

Facundo says: “I was an avid reader of the Buenos Aires Herald until the day it disappeared, so participating in it feels like a dream come true. I hope we can maintain the Herald’s historically unique and even voice to cover these new, exciting (and sometimes scary) times for our country and the world. I know for sure I’m not just saying that – The new Herald is full of talented and enthusiastic people to make it happen!”.

Agustín Mango is a translator and cultural journalist focused on the audiovisual industry. A former correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter, he also works at the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory. His articles and reviews have been published in local and international media such as Indiewire, Clarín, and elDiarioAr.

Agustín says: “As a reporter and an English translator, it’s hard to think of a better place to work than the new Buenos Aires Herald, with its unquestionable legacy of fair, well-written, insightful journalism. It’s quite an honor to be a part of this relaunch at a time when media outlets are either closing, shrinking or contaminating their informative priorities. It’s a huge challenge, and one I am excited to take on.”

From the short time we have spent working together already, I can already tell that I have the privilege of working with an extremely talented and committed team who will report some incredible stories. I hope you’re as excited about reading them as I am about publishing them!


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