Gasoline prices hiked by 4% in line with Fair Prices deal

Shell was the first company to implement the increase, which was agreed with the government last November, in all of its gas stations in the country.

Major fuel retailers increased gasoline prices by 4% on Sunday and Monday. The increases were part of last November’s Fair Prices agreement between the government and oil companies, which allows companies to increase their prices by up to 4% between November and March.

Economy Ministry Sergio Massa said at the time that the goal was to “build a path in which every economic area contributes to significantly lowering inflation, which is Argentina’s biggest drama”.

Raizen said in a press release that the price hike seeks to “minimally absorb the biofuels’ price rises, the rises of logistical costs and the official exchange rate variation, which affects the price of the raw materials we use to produce fuels.”

The January increase was the first of the year and the eighth in the last 12 months.

According to, a liter of premium gasoline is at AR$197.40, while diesel is at AR$168.5 a liter. A liter of unleaded gasoline costs AR$156.80. Compared with January 2022, the rises are around 95%, in line with the yearly inflation rate.


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