Ukraine’s Zelenskyy will travel to Argentina for Milei’s inauguration

The Ukrainian president had congratulated the libertarian economist after he won the elections in November

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be present at Javier Milei’s inauguration as Argentine president, diplomatic sources confirmed to the Herald on Thursday.

Milei has expressed his support for Ukraine in its war with Russia on several occasions.  Zelenskyy publicly thanked him for his “clear stance” after the far-right economist won Argentina’s elections.

“No balancing between good and evil. Just a clear support for Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said, referencing Milei’s support for his country. “This is well-noticed and appreciated by Ukrainians,” he wrote in a post on X.

Zelenskyy said he and Milei spoke after his victory in the November elections about how they can develop relations between Ukraine and Argentina, “as well as Ukraine’s ties with other Latin American countries.”

“I informed the president-elect about our progress in implementing the Peace Formula and stressed the significance of Argentina’s participation in our joint peace efforts,” Zelenskyy said following their conversation, adding that he invited Milei to visit Ukraine “and send a strong political signal.”

This would be Zelenskyy’s first trip to Latin America as president of Ukraine.

Milei has also sided with Israel after the war with Hamas began in October, even waving an Israeli flag during campaign events. Before winning the elections, he had said his international allies would be Israel and the United States.

Since the war with Russia broke out in February 2022, Zelenskyy has traveled to the U.S., Japan, and some countries in Europe and the Middle East.

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