Meet Migue Granados, the journalist who got a peek into Messi’s new life

Granados interviewed the Argentine star at his Miami home

“Want to chat a bit, babe?”, a man asks a somewhat uncomfortable Lionel Messi in a video that went viral, after popping up from behind him and kissing him on the neck. The Argentine star, however, agrees with a smile. That’s because the man is Miguel Migue Granados, a comedian who became one of Argentina’s most sought after interviewers and the first to get a peek into Messi’s new life at his Miami home.

The son of famed Argentine comedian Pablo Granados, Migue was born in 1986, a few years before his father’s big breakthrough next to TV host Marcelo Tinelli in his most famous show, Videomatch

He had his first hit as part of the Argentine TV comedy show Sin Codificar in 2010, first as producer and then joining the cast. In 2017 he started hosting radio show Últimos Cartuchos with comedian Martín Garabal, which earned them a Martín Fierro Digital (the Argentine awards for online content) for “Best digital radio show” in 2019.

In 2020 he launched podcast La Cruda, where he interviewed journalists, psychologists, actors and people from all fields and went on to become Spotify’s most listened to podcast in Argentina.

Last June, Granados launched his digital streaming channel called OLGA, which can be followed through YouTube and Twitch. This was the platform Lionel Messi chose to open up about his new life in Miami. The video announcing the interview, where Granados gives Messi a kiss, went viral and in less than two hours it surpassed 1.5 million views. The interview will premiere this Thursday on OLGA.


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