More than fifty arrested in football fan battle after Boca match

The scuffle happened after the Copa Libertadores match between the Argentine team and Colo Colo

Colo Colo fans clashed witht the police in Buenos Aires. Credit: Télam

A battle between fans of Boca Juniors and the Chilean team Colo Colo broke out on the streets of Buenos Aires last night following the Copa Libertadores first round match between the teams. At least six people were taken to hospital due to their injuries and 56 people were arrested by the police around the Bombonera stadium in the La Boca neighborhood. Boca Juniors won the game 1-0.

The bad blood between the fans was visible during the game. Colo Colo fans seated in one of the upper stands of the stadium started throwing objects at Boca supporters in the lower seats and taunted them by waving 500 peso bills, in reference to Argentina’s inflation and economic crisis. Once the game ended, the tension spilled over to the stadium’s surroundings, as well as downtown Buenos Aires.  

Brawls involving fist fights, bottles and rock-throwing broke out in the streets, as well as bars and gas stations. In front of a McDonald’s by the Obelisk, a traditional spot known for football gatherings and celebrations, police officers had to intervene to break up several fights. 

Several videos published by Twitter users show the sheer number of fights that spread throughout the city. 

According to a police report, 56 Colo Colo fans were detained due to the incidents following the games. Among the objects found on them were two 10-millimeter steel rods, three wooden sticks and four pieces of rubble for throwing at their rivals. Six fans and at least three police officers were taken to the Hospital Argerich to be treated for various injuries.  

The tension had already begun on Monday. In the vicinity of the Obelisk, Colo Colo fans gathered to cheer for their team, which led to some bickering with locals passing through, as well as police arresting some Chileans for pickpocketing. A couple of hours before the game, some 200 Colo Colo supporters tried to enter the Bombonera with tickets that turned out to be counterfeit, which led to some skirmishes with the gate staff.

With its win last night, Boca Juniors punched its ticket to the Copa Libertadores round of 16. Colo Colo will play against Deportivo Pereira of Colombia to see who comes in second in Group F and plays in the next round. 

-with information from Télam


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