Boca elections: Second judge drops case, third one appointed

Sebastián Font will take the reigns after Analía Romero decided to recuse herself due to the fact she is a club member

The Boca Juniors elections remain in limbo after judge Analía Romero recused herself from the case on Tuesday due to the fact that she is a Boca member. Early Wednesday, judge Sebastián Font was appointed as the third magistrate to oversee the matter.    

Romero was put in charge after judge Alejandra Abrevaya, who suspended the elections in the first place, stepped aside from the case after the club appealed her ruling.

However, the new judge’s position to rule on the case had been called into question when it became public knowledge that she was one of around 200,000 Boca members who joined directly as an active member on July 5, 2013, when Macri ally Daniel Angelici was club president. Romero stressed that she remained impartial and was able to intervene in the case, but decided to excuse herself anyway.

Boca Vice President — and current presidential candidate — Juan Román Riquelme spoke about this issue in a live interview with the club’s official YouTube channel. “Now the judge in charge is Analía Romero, who in 2013 became a member of the club along with her husband and children. Everything must’ve been properly done if that happened. If she accepts the case, it means that we are going to have elections,” said the former Boca legend.

The elections, originally scheduled for December 3 and suspended on November 28, were postponed due to a complaint filed by the opposition. Andrés Ibarra and his running mate, former President Mauricio Macri, claim that 13,000 members were illegally fast-tracked to “active” status, enabling them to vote for Riquelme.

There is still no date for the elections to take place, with December 17 as the deadline for this year, as any date past that point would move the elections to 2024.


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