Referee association to sue Carlos Tévez following incendiary comments

The Independiente head coach claimed referee Pablo Dóvalo had “stolen the game” from his team

The Argentine Referees Association announced it will sue Independiente Head Coach Carlos Tévez for his accusatory comments directed toward First Division referee Pablo Dóvalo. The former Manchester City star blamed Dóvalo for “stealing” a game after Independiente tied with Barracas Central on Tuesday night 2-2.

 “We’re furious,” said Tévez during a press conference after the match. “[Dóvalo] has to cut it out or he can’t go on refereeing. […] He stole the game from us today.”

During the match in question, Independiente was denied three penalties, including a potential penalty in the 86th minute that could have broken the tie. Barracas was also lucky not to have striker Alexis Domínguez sent off over a foul on Iván Marcone just 19 minutes into the match. Domínguez later scored, bringing the score to 2-1 just before halftime.

The referees association rejected Tévez’s comments in a statement released on Wednesday, claiming his words “slander, insult and incite violence.” They added they will press criminal and civil charges against the Independiente coach. The Argentine Football Federation’s national refereeing director, Federico Beligoy, backed Dóvalo’s performance and confirmed he’d continue to referee upcoming fixtures.

Tévez and Independiente president Néstor Grindetti gave a joint press conference later on Wednesday. “From our viewpoint, Independiente was hindered,” said Grindetti. “We hope it never happens again.” He went on to highlight the coach’s work since starting in Independiente in August 2023.

The row has led to a furor on social media, particularly after a high-ranking football official said Tévez “must be confused cause he didn’t pay attention in class” — referring to the start of his coaching career when he failed to present proper qualifications. Even Tévez’s former national teammate Sergio Agüero weighed in alongside other irate Independiente fans.

“I stand by what I said: Independiente was robbed,” said Tévez, who also hinted he’d step down if he felt “what he said brought unwanted consequences to the club.”


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