Argentine football’s relegation showdown: Here’s what you need to know

Unión, Colón, Gimnasia, Vélez Sarsfield, and Sarmiento will play Saturday looking to avoid dropping to the second division

Relegation from Argentine football’s Primera División will go down to the wire on Saturday. Five teams, Unión, Colón, Gimnasia, Vélez Sarsfield, and Sarmiento could be facing the drop, with four games — Vélez and Colón face each other — kicking off at 6 p.m. Argentina time.

Two teams will lose top-division status in Argentine football this season. One of them is determined through the average table, which ranks teams according to the average number of points obtained over the last three seasons. 

Arsenal de Sarandí, who began the year in very bad shape and early on ran out of chances of clawing out of last position, is the team that will drop to the second division based on this criteria. 

The second team to drop will be the one that gathers the least amount of points in the annual table, which aggregates every point achieved in just this season

Given that Arsenal is also last in this table, the dishonor will fall to the team that ends up second to last. 

Unión, Colón, Gimnasia, Vélez Sarsfield, and Sarmiento are the only teams that could potentially finish last, depending on the outcome of the last set of matches. All games will be played at the same time to avoid any potential match-fixing. If two or more teams end up tied on points, there will be tiebreaker games on neutral ground.

This is what they need to remain in the top tier.


The Santa Fe club is the current favorite to get relegated. Sitting in the relegation spot with 43 points, it needs a win and other results to go its way. The Tatengue, as it’s affectionately known, needs to beat Tigre and see Colón or Gimnasia lose to secure first-division status. All other results have them dropping or headed to a tiebreaker.

Colón & Gimnasia 

Sabaleros and Triperos are in a slightly better position. Tied third from the bottom with 45 points, a win or a Unión defeat or draw, will prove enough to keep them in the top tier. 

Colón goes up against a direct rival in Vélez Sarsfield, which could prove a showdown. Gimansia, on the other hand, has the advantage of facing Banfield, a team with nothing at stake.

A loss (and a Unión win) could send either of them directly to the second division, provided all other teams add at least one point. A tie guarantees them a place in the tiebreaker. 

Vélez & Sarmiento

The two teams best placed to avoid the drop, they’re tied fourth from bottom with 46 points. Both are safe with just a tie, while they’re also secured a spot in any tiebreaker in case of a loss.

Vélez hosts direct rival Colón, while Sarmiento visits Platense, who’s not playing for anything besides game points.. As with all sides, anything other than a Union win is enough to save them.


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