Argentine 10-year-old chess phenomenon beats world number one

Faustino Oro beat Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the 2024 Bullet Brawl

Ten-year-old Argentine chess player Faustino Oro shocked the world on March 23 as he beat the world’s number-one player Norwegian Magnus Carlsen during the 2024 Bullet Brawl. Oro beat the five-time World Chess Champion in 48 moves and finished 21st overall in the tournament.

“I’m very happy. It’s amazing for me because I had never faced [Carlsen],” said Oro after the game.

The weekly event, organized by, saw the participation of Grand Masters like eventual winner Hikaru Nakamura, Vincent Keymer, and Carlsen. It was played in “bullet chess” format, where each player gets one minute on the clock and no time increments per move. Players are paired during a two-hour event, with games streamed online, and the one with the most points wins.

The winner was Nakamura, who has won six events in 2024 and leads the all-time rankings with 21 wins. Jose Martinez from México finished second while Daniel Naroditsky was third.

In 2023, Oro became the youngest player to achieve the International Master norm. That year he also debuted in the World Rapid Chess Championship 2023, where he finished with three wins, two ties, and eight defeats. He’s currently ranked as the best under-11 player in the International Chess Federation rankings with an ELO rating of 2330.

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