Extreme cold in Argentina continues and is expected to last throughout the week

Temperatures dropped to 0 degrees Celsius in Buenos Aires on Saturday. Most of the country is under a yellow alert

Buenos Aires and most of Argentina is going through an intense cold snap. The temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius in the capital city during the early hours of Saturday, and the minimum temperature is expected to hover around that mark throughout the week.

Argentina’s National Meteorological Service (SMN by its Spanish acronym) issued an extreme cold yellow alert — meaning the cold can pose slight to moderate health effects — for most of the provinces and Buenos Aires from Friday to Saturday evening.

A large area surrounding the city in Buenos Aires province is under an orange alert — the second most dangerous kind, meaning the health effects of the temperature can be moderate to high.

Despite the blue sky, several cities in the metropolitan Buenos Aires area had temperatures of -5°C in the early Saturday hours.

The cold snap is expected to last until at least next Friday. Minimum temperatures will be at 4°C on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday, while it will be 2°C on Tuesday and 3°C on Wednesday. Maximum temperatures will be between 10 and 12°C.

The SMN account on X shared a video of the surface of a pool in Macachin, La Pampa province, completely frozen due to the extreme weather. The town endured over 10 straight hours of temperatures below -5°C.

Last week, Argentine Patagonia became one of the coldest regions in the world. According to the SMN, temperatures in some locations dropped below levels registered in Antarctica. 

The freeze was so deep that in the Tierra del Fuego provincial hamlet of San Sebastián, the sea froze, leaving otherworldly images of solid waves along the coastline after temperatures dipped to -12°.

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