Milei’s bottle-throwing attacker identified, arrested by police

Videos show how Gastón Mercanzini tried to throw a glass bottle at Javier Milei as he was being driven to the Casa Rosada on inauguration day

Buenos Aires City police officers identified and arrested a 51-year-old man who attempted to throw a glass bottle at President Javier Milei while he was being driven in a convertible car during his inauguration on Sunday. Videos show the bottle barely missed Milei’s head and hit a bodyguard instead.

The attack happened while Milei was being driven from Congress to Casa Rosada alongside his sister and General Secretary to the Presidency, Karina Milei.

According to newly-appointed Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, Deputy Commissioner Guillermo Armentano is the bodyguard who was hurt and is part of the Federal Police presidential custody team.

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According to a Buenos Aires City police press release, city police officers arrested Gastón Mercanzini on Sunday, a man who people in the crowd pointed out as the attacker. However, he was released because he was carrying no suspicious or illegal objects and no charges were pressed against him.

On Monday, police were able to verify Mercanzini was the attacker thanks to security camera footage.

Mercanzini spent four months in jail for aggravated property damage earlier this year. He had been arrested on July 5 and was released a few weeks ago, according to a BA City Police press release.

The case is being investigated by Judge Ariel Lijo. Bullrich said she has already spoken with Lijo to ensure “a swift investigation” of the matter.

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