Antibomb unit dispatched to AMIA after bomb threat, search finds nothing

Federal Police intervened after the reception desk notified authorities. The building was not evacuated

The Federal Police anti-bomb unit was dispatched to the AMIA on Wednesday morning after the Jewish community center received a bomb threat. Specialized agents searched the premises and reported that no suspicious devices were found, AMIA and police sources told the Herald

“The Explosives Brigade Division searched the AMIA building and the surrounding public area, finding no harmful devices,” a Federal Police spokesperson said, adding that the building was not evacuated during the procedure. 

AMIA released a press statement following the incident, detailing that personnel followed official protocol upon receiving the threat and contacted police. “The street was preeventively closed off during the procedure to insure the search moved forward smoothly. All operations continued normally during the inspection,” they stated.

Due to the incident, a criminal accusation of attempted public intimidation was filed. Federal judge Ariel Lijo was appointed to investigate the case. 

The main building of the AMIA was destroyed by a car bomb on July 18, 1994. The attack, the deadliest in Argentine history, killed 85 people and left more than 300 injured. Two years before that, the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires had also suffered a bombing attack that killed 22 people. 


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