Massa: ‘When things explode, the ones who get hurt are Argentines’

The Economy Minister answered PRO head Patricia Bullrich, who said she hoped the economy ‘explodes’ before the run-off

Economy Minister Sergio Massa took aim at the president of the PRO party Patricia Bullrich, following her stated hope that the economy would “explode” before the run-off scheduled for October 19th.

“When things explode, the ones who get hurt are the Argentines, the Argentine companies, the Argentine businesses, the citizens, and the workers,” Massa said on Thursday after a meeting with the heads of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA, by its Spanish initials). “I am always interested in taking a constructive view.”

The day before, Bullrich, a former rival presidential candidate in October 22’s elections, said that the country’s current economic ordeals “are foreshadowing the Argentine tragedy that will explode on the 19th.” 

“It is exploding before, I hope it explodes before because people have to know the reality,” she said in an interview on the La Nación + TV channel. In a press conference last week, Bullrich said she would support far-right libertarian Javier Milei’s bid for the presidency

When asked by journalists about her controversial remarks, the former candidate quickly took them back. “It is not that I hope it explodes,” she said. “It is that it has already exploded, they [the government] are lying on top of it. The only thing they want is to win the elections to take the poverty rate to 80 or 85%.”

“After the 19th, whatever the result is, I will always work so that Argentina does not have explosions that hurt people,” Massa said on Thursday. “I do not think about how I hurt the other to win an election, in any case, I compete with proposals, not trying to destroy the other.”

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