Head of Supreme Court criticized the government’s “excessive monetary emission”

Justice Horacio Rosatti said that the policy “betrays the mandate of the Constitution”

The president of the Supreme Court, Justice Horacio Rosatti, said today that the national government’s monetary policy “betrays the mandate of the [National] Constitution.”

“The text commands us to defend the value of the currency,” Rosatti said in the annual summit of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (Amcham Argentina). “The uncontrolled expansion of monetary emission implies not defending the value of the currency and consequently betraying the mandate of the Constitution.”

Rosatti was saying that the basis of the economic program that the Constitution establishes is “capitalism.” 

“If another system is desired, the Constitution must be reformed.”

“In recent years we have made decisions that have not pleased the powers that be,” he said, referring to recent tensions with the government. “We do not come to public service to make new friends, but to enforce the Constitution and guarantee legal stability that allows us to think about the future.”

Rosatti has been at odds with the national government since at least April 2022, when the Supreme Court declared a 2006 law regarding the Council of Magistrates unconstitutional. That move allowed Rosatti to take over as head of the institution, which is in charge of selecting federal judges.

“It is an institutional coup,” said Justice Minister Martín Soria at the time.

In January, Vice-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner tweeted that Rosatti and the Supreme Court as a whole, is a “mafia.” 

“Lawfare, judicial party or simply mafia, the method is the same,” she said, and she blamed them for “the imposition of economic policies and decisions on the daily life of millions of Argentines by means other than votes.”


Rosatti said that the judicial system and the politicians must be “under the Argentine Constitution.” He, as well as the other members of the Supreme Court, are currently facing an inquiry for alleged “poor performance” and “abuse of authority” in the Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

Amcham’s annual summit gathers business leaders, public officials, and civil society representatives. This year, it is taking place as the US and Argentina celebrate 200 years of commercial relations.

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