President Alberto Fernández hospitalized

An official statement announced that the president has acute back pain.

President Alberto Fernández was hospitalized on Tuesday due to “acute lumbar pain” and underwent medical studies in order to define treatment, according to the Presidential Medical Unit. He was taken to the Otamendi Hospital in Recoleta.

After the examinations, doctors diagnosed him with a lumbar disc herniation. They will treat him in 48-72 hours with a procedure known as a radicular block.

President Fernández will have to rest for the next 72 hours and work from the Olivos residence.

This is not the first health issue for which the president has had to go to hospital. Fernández suffered from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage in November 2022 in Bali during the G-20 summit and was replaced by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero in his duties.


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