Larreta & Bullrich agree for PRO to back single BA mayor candidate

The pair said there will be a primary election in Buenos Aires Province

Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and former PRO President Patricia Bullrich, two presidential primary candidates election within the opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio (JxC), agreed yesterday that PRO would support only  one candidate for Buenos Aires city mayor in spite of recent differences. 

“There will be a single candidate for the Buenos Aires mayorship,” they said in a statement published yesterday. “It will be defined by surveys, which will be carried out in the upcoming days – the candidate will be defined towards the end of May, depending on the results.”

In the statement, however, they confirmed that a primary election will take place in Buenos Aires Province. 

Yesterday, Rodríguez Larreta tweeted a picture with the city’s Government Minister Jorge Macri and Health Minister Fernán Quirós. 

“In the years that we’ve been working together, we’ve achieved the biggest transformation in the city’s history. We will continue on this path,” he said.

This morning, Rodríguez Larreta was joined by Jorge Macri and Fernán Quirós as he inaugurate a new stretch of the city’s metrobus. Macri has announced he will run for the mayorship, and has been publicly supported by his cousin, former president and JxC founder Mauricio Macri. 

Last month, Larreta announced that the national and city elections would be held on the same day this year, but with separate ballots. The decision put him at odds with ex-president and Republican Proposal (PRO) party-mate Mauricio Macri, who tweeted “what profound disappointment” following the announcement. 

Rumours had been circulating that Rodríguez Larreta was in talks to back Martín Lousteau of the Radical Party, with whom PRO is allied in the opposition coalition JxC, as city mayor. 

Sources from Lousteau’s team confirmed to the Herald that he still intends to run despite possibly losing Rodríguez Larreta’s support to a PRO candidate.


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