Larreta against Macri: “My opinions won’t change because of what he thinks”

He addressed the controversy surrounding Córdoba's Peronist governor potentially joining Juntos por el Cambio

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta during a speech thanking firefighters. Source: BA City Government

Buenos Aires mayor and PRO presidential candidate Horacio Rodríguez Larreta insisted today on expanding Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) by bringing in leaders like Cordoba governor Juan Schiaretti, saying Mauricio Macri’s view will not change his ideas.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities Macri gave me, and I gave back by working. I have my own opinions and they won’t change because some of them differ from what he thinks,” said Larreta this morning in an interview with La Red radio. 

The Buenos Aires mayor said his priority is “the unity of Juntos por el Cambio”, which is why he doesn’t respond to insults he receives in the infighting about expanding the coalition, which was absolutely rejected by PRO hard-liners Macri and Patricia Bullrich.

“Since I’m a defender of unity, I never criticize anyone from Juntos por el Cambio. I’m trying to expand [the coalition] because the challenge is not Macri or me, or the infight. The goal is to improve the lives of the Argentine people,” he said.

While he stated that “kirchnerism is the limit” when considering allies, he said his will to bring in partners can be seen in the Buenos Aires City party strategy: “We’ve added (Ricardo) López Murphy,  (Martín) Tetaz and (Martín) Lousteau, and before that we did it with socialism”. He was also asked why Patricia Bullrich’s sector refuses to add other leaders, to which he responded: “we should ask them why they are not willing to grow”. 

In that line, he stood by his idea to bring in Cordoba governor Schiaretti: “It’s necessary to change this country and have the strength to govern.”

He also insisted on Macri’s refusal to add other political leaders: “Macri and I have had our agreements and some differences. I was all for him inviting [Miguel Ángel] Pichetto and he always praised Schiaretti. I think we need to expand in order to beat kirchnerism, so they never return to power”. 

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