Feminist lawyer Greta Pena to replace Donda as INADI chair

She worked as an Undersecretary in the Women, Gender and Diversity Ministry until this week

Feminist lawyer and journalist Greta Pena will become the new chairwoman of the National Institute Against Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia (INADI) after Victoria Donda’s resignation on December 29. 

“My goal in joining INADI is to support the social consensus we’ve built around freedom, equality, and combating discrimination,” she said. According to Pena, education will be a key tool to boost plurality during her administration.  

“INADI should be accessible to every citizen in our country, fostering federalism and empowering civil organizations,” said Pena. The state anti-discrimination institution seeks to create a more diverse and egalitarian society, and has national competence.

Pena’s predecessor, Victoria Donda, resigned two weeks ago in a fierce letter accusing the government of having “no capacity to answer the ever-growing, complex demands made by a society that expects more from us”. She claimed that government inaction, as well as frequent scapegoats, the pandemic and the Ukraine war, were to blame for her institution’s inability to implement its programmes.

Donda also said her resignation was a pre-emptive strike because she had learned her contract would not be renewed after she expressed her differences with the government in public.

Pena, who has a background on law and human rights, was undersecretary for diversity policy at the Gender, Women and Diversity Ministry until this week. The feminist and lesbian lawyer, a mother of two, founded the LGBTQ+ rights advocacy association 100% Diversidad y Derecho over 13 years ago.

She has also spoken about sexual diversity and gender-based identity at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica and participated in the Ibero-American Intergovernmental Council of Disability.  


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