Buenos Aires public transport fare hike takes effect

Fares now start at AR$270 for buses and AR$130 for trains

Buses. Credit: Ciudad de Bondis

New hikes that more than double Buenos Aires bus and train fares took effect on February 6. Bus tickets now start at AR$270, while trains cost AR$130 per ride. Prices depend on the distance traveled, with the most expensive tickets set at AR$370 and AR$208 for buses and trains, respectively.

In U.S. dollar terms, the minimums are now US$0.30 at the official exchange rate (US$0.22 at the MEP rate) for buses and US$0.15 (US$0.11 at the MEP) for trains.

Until Monday, buses cost AR$76.9 and trains AR$48.3. This means fares were raised by 251% and 169%, respectively. The fare increases reflect the Milei government’s drive to slash state subsidies.

The new fare will apply to everyone until April 1. After that, for users who do not register their SUBE cards, the minimum will rise to AR$430 for buses and AR$260 for trains. They will not receive discounts that apply for connecting journeys, either.

Subway fares, which are run by the Buenos Aires City government, rose on February 4. A ticket now costs AR$125, up from AR$110. This is the second rise of the year, after a January hike increased the price from AR$80 to AR$110. 

How to register your SUBE card

You can register your SUBE on your phone through the SUBE app or through the website by following these steps:

  • If your card is not registered, go to the official SUBE website.
  • On the homepage, click the “registrala” (register it) button.
  • Enter the 16 numbers on your card, your DNI, gender, and email. Then, click on “continuar” (continue). If you do not have a DNI, you can contact the Buenos Aires City government through the contacts provided on the website.
  • Enter the eleven-digit “número de trámite” (process number) on your DNI, your cell phone number, and landline phone number.
  • On the third screen, a four-digit password will be generated.
  • After the form is completed, you will get an email to validate your account and finish the registration process.
  • You can also register your card by calling 0800-777-SUBE (7823), clicking option 3, or going to the SUBE service centers.

Those who register their card will be able to enter argentina.gob.ar/sube with their DNI and password to check their personal travel history and what discounts they’ve obtained. Likewise, they may report stores that charge additional charges when purchasing or recharging the card, and they may also recover their credit if the card is lost or broken.


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