Ben Shapiro interviews Javier Milei: ‘freedom and Israel’ link key

Detailing his Middle East stance, the president told the conservative political commentator that Israel stands for ‘Western values’

President Javier Milei told U.S. conservative commentator Ben Shapiro he supports Israel because the “value of freedom” is there and his government has decided to “embrace western values.” 

Milei’s comments came during an interview uploaded to Shapiro’s YouTube channel on Sunday, titled “On the front lines of freedom.”

Shapiro introduced the president as “a figure that has not only captivated the attention of his nation, but has stirred conversations around the globe about the direction of western civilization, economic freedom, and the power of individualism.”

He added that Milei is a “polarizing figure in Argentine politics, championing a libertarian approach in a landscape traditionally dominated by populist and socialist policies.”

Discussing his Middle East stance, Milei said: “In Israel [Western values] are in the second book of the Torah, the Shemot, the Exodus. Without a doubt, Moses was the greatest freedom hero of all time.”

The “link between freedom and Israel” is vital to understanding his position, he continued.

On Sunday, Milei condemned Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel, supporting the country’s “defense of its sovereignty” against those who seek to “exterminate” it. Milei has said he plans to move Argentina’s embassy to the disputed territory of West Jerusalem. 

The president said that Europe and the Founding Fathers of the United States championed western values, but the old continent is stagnating due to its economic regulations. He added that the first Argentine constitution, written in 1853, is “very related” to the U.S. Constitution and that the document turned Argentina “from a country of barbarians to the first world power” in 35 years.

During the 55-minute interview, Milei said there are “very dark sides” to his life, explaining that the fact he was “a soccer goalkeeper” in his youth fashioned his personality. Speaking in Spanish, Milei used the U.S. English term “soccer” to refer to football instead of the Spanish fútbol.

Milei also said that, despite his administration’s harsh austerity measures, his approval ratings and voter intention are rising.

“That means the cultural battle is bearing fruit,” he said.


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