Argentina 2023 election results map: who won in each province?

See how the election results evolved around the country with the Herald’s interactive maps

Argentina has turned purple.

In Sunday’s presidential run-off election, Javier Milei of the far-right La Libertad Avanza coalition beat Economy Minister Sergio Massa in the vast majority of the country. Of Argentina’s 24 provinces (including Buenos Aires City), Massa came first in just four: Buenos Aires province (50.7%), Santiago del Estero (68.4%), Chaco (50.1%) and Formosa (56.5%). Milei managed to flip Peronist strongholds such as Tucumán province, where he scraped by, edging Massa 51.9% to 48%.

Click on the interactive map below to see the results in each province in Sunday’s run-off:

The results indicate that most people who voted for Patricia Bullrich of the right-wing Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) opted for Milei, rather than Massa, in the run-off. Bullrich, who was knocked out in the first round, announced days after her defeat that she was backing Milei

In Chaco, for example, Milei’s votes on Sunday were roughly equal to the sum of the votes obtained by La Libertad Avanza and Juntos por el Cambio in the first round.

Click on the map below to see how the coalitions performed in the October 22 general elections:

A strong performance for Massa in Buenos Aires Province could have saved the day for the economy minister: it is the most populous province in Argentina with 37% of the electoral roll, and typically a Peronist stronghold. Governor Axel Kicillof secured re-election there with 45% of the vote in October. However, Massa scraped through to first position with just 50.7%.

Click on the map below to see how the coalitions performed in August’s primary elections:

“To get to the results he got, Milei likely received 90% of JxC’s votes and close to 70% of [Juan] Schiaretti’s votes,” wrote Daniel Schteingart, a sociologist with the think tank Fundar, on X (formerly Twitter). Schiaretti is Córdoba’s governor and an anti-Kirchnerist Peronist, who did not ally with either candidate. He got 6.7% of the vote in October.

Overall, Milei won with 55.7% of the vote, with an 11 percentual point advantage over Massa (44.3%) in the run-off. In October, Massa came first with 36.7%, while Milei got 30% and Bullrich 23.8%. In the primaries Milei had won with 30% while JxC came second (28.2%) and Unión por la Patria (UxP) third (27.2%).


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