Milei reveals first privatization plans as president-elect

YPF, Enarsa, and Télam are among the companies that he’ll be targeting when he enters the Casa Rosada next month

On the campaign trail, Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza, LLA) pledged to privatize “as many public companies as he could.” On Monday, the new president-elect unveiled his first targets: the oil giant YPF; the energy group Enarsa, which built and is now operating the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline; and the state news agency Télam, which he has dismissed as a form of “propaganda.” Others include Televisión Publica, Argentina’s public television network, and Radio Nacional, its national radio station.

The privatization of these organizations will not happen overnight, however. Milei said that his government will take the necessary measures to make both Enarsa and YPF more sustainable “so that they can be sold in a very beneficial way for all Argentines.”

The president-elect did not clarify if he will privatize the state-owned airline Aerolíneas Argentinas, indicating instead that he will allow its workers to “purify” the company and make it more competitive.

“Aerolíneas Argentinas’ staff is very well qualified,” he said. “The problem lies in political contamination.”

Milei added that he will seek to repeal a rental law passed in October that allows property owners to update rental prices biannually as opposed to annually, based either on inflation or salary increases. The president-elect contends that the state should not regulate rental contracts and that tenants and landlords should be able to choose the conditions of their agreements. Currently, rent can only be paid in Argentine pesos, and contracts must last for a minimum of two years.

On Sunday, Milei won a run-off election against Union por la Patria’s (UxP’s) Sergio Massa by more than 11%. He is scheduled to take office on December 10.

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