Over 800 Argentine cultural figures sign call to vote for Massa

Signatories to the statement include writers Mariana Enríquez and Samanta Schweblin, philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber, and actor Juan Minujín

Argentine cultural figures call to vote for Massa.

On the fortieth anniversary of the democratic elections that marked the end of Argentina’s last dictatorship, over 800 writers, actors, musicians, and other cultural leaders signed a statement calling for the population to vote for Sergio Massa. The Economy Minister and Unión por la Patria (UxP) candidate will face far-right libertarian Javier Milei in the November 19 presidential run-off.

The statement is called “40 years from the recovery of democracy and in defense of the institutions of the Argentine Republic.” 

Many of the signatories are internationally recognized and published intellectuals. They include writers Samanta Schweblin, a 2022 National Book Award winner; Luisa Valenzuela, holder of honorary doctorates from the Universities of Knox and San Martín and recipient of awards including a Guggenheim scholarship and an Argentine Writers’ Society prize of honor; anthropologist Dr Rita Segato, who has written or co-authored more than a dozen books and holds four honorary doctorates; celebrity philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber, who has written multiple philosophy books; and actor Juan Minujín, star of the hit TV series El Marginal

The text, in its full, reads:

“Those of us who sign this letter express our concern for the future of Argentine democracy. With the upcoming elections on November 19 and in honor of these four decades of encounters and disagreements under the protection of the Constitution, we view with great unease the possible rise to power of a proposal that advocates for state terrorism and threatens to take away and delegitimize everything that has been acquired for the common life of the Argentine people. Despite the significant number of compatriots facing very difficult moments due to the mistakes of our leadership and the lack of harmony among the major political forces, no crisis should confuse the electorate and encourage support for proposals founded on the idea of exterminating opponents and denying everything that we have, often with great effort and even bitterness, achieved in the realm of legislation that protects the rights of workers, the entire Argentine people, and society.

“In light of all of this, because, as President Raúl Alfonsín used to say: ‘Democracy is cured with more democracy,’ and at this crucial moment for the nation, we call for a vote for Sergio Massa.”

October 30 marked the fortieth anniversary of the 1983 elections that brought Raúl Alfonsín to power, bringing about a democratic transition that ended nearly eight years of brutal military dictatorship. 

On Monday night, the Unión Cívica Radical, Alfonsín’s party and the oldest political party in Argentina, held an event celebrating the anniversary and marking distance from former President Mauricio Macri, who last week declared his support for far-right economist Javier Milei.

Actress and singer Lali Espósito’s name was initially included in the letter, but she later clarified on social media that she had not, in fact, signed the statement.


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