Taylor Swift in argentina: Buenos Aires declares star a guest of honor

The U.S. popstar will be performing in the River Plate stadium next week

Argentine swifties have been heard. Taylor Swift was declared a guest of honor in Buenos Aires City by the local Legislature during a session held on Thursday.

The U.S. popstar will be performing in River Plate stadium on November 9, 10 and 11, kicking off the international branch of her Eras Tour, which will take her around the world during the remaining months of 2023 and throughout 2024.

The declaration bill was filed by socialist city legislator Roy Cortina and approved with the vote of two thirds of the chamber, along with other bills.

Cortina’s bill called for Swift to be declared a guest of honor because of her positive influence on her Argentine audience, as well as the beneficial economic contribution of her performances to the city. Her three shows, which were completely sold out with 220,000 tickets sold, “will have an impact on jobs and tourism all over Buenos Aires City,” Cortina said.

The bill added that the Argentine capital should receive her as a guest of honor because it will be the first South American stop in her career and that “Argentina is one of the only three countries in South America that will host her.”

The text also highlights her social and political commitment to causes such as feminism.

The Buenos Aires City Legislature or mayor can declare someone a guest of honor as a way of recognizing them as an international guest who has made outstanding contributions to culture, science, politics or sports. This formal recognition will last as long as the person stays in the city. The city authorities will also give the honorary visitor a gold medal and a diploma.

Ramiro Marra and other legislators from La Libertad Avanza (LLA), presidential candidate Javier Milei’s coalition, voted against the bill.

Last week, a group of Taylor Swift fans created an X (formerly Twitter) account called “Swifties against LLA” where they published a statement rejecting Milei, the far-right presidential candidate, and what they describe as his “fascist” ideas. The account has since been suspended, but they created a backup one where they are now calling on fellow swifties to vote for Sergio Massa, current Economy Minister and Unión por la Patria’s presidential contender for the November 19 run-off.


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