Global stars praise Oscar hopeful ‘Argentina, 1985’

Pedro Pascal, Ricky Martin and Lionel Messi are among the fans of Santiago Mitre’s Oscar-nominated film

Argentina, 1985, Santiago Mitre’s Oscar-nominated film about the prosecution of dictatorship leaders in the 1980s, is getting some very influential support from across the world on social media. 

“Mothers went to the streets to scream on behalf of their children [who] disappeared to a bloody military regime,” said Chilean-born Pedro Pascal, who is currently playing the lead roles on Disney’s The Mandalorian and HBO’s The Last of Us.

“No other country in the world at that time had taken on their genocidal leaders to expose their crimes and demand justice.,”

He included pictures of the film and archive photos of the actual trial as well as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Earlier this month, pop star Ricky Martin also showed his support for Santiago Mitre’s film in an Instagram story, featuring the film’s poster with a short text: “Have you seen it yet? Great performance. Nominated for an Oscar.” Martin just toured Argentina with his latest show, and played its last date in Buenos Aires’ Velez stadium on Thursday. 

Praise has also come from outside the entertainment industry —  during his first official trip as Brazil’s president-elect January, Lula da Silva also recommended the film on his Twitter account.

 “Still in Buenos Aires, I heard the news that the great film ‘Argentina, 1985’ had been nominated for an Oscar,” he said. “I saw it, I recommend it and I hope this representative of our region wins the Oscar.” 

Canadian pop-star Michael Bublé, who is married to Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato and regularly visits the country, also rooted for the film on Instagram. “Huge congrats on my friends for the success of their amazing film! Vamos Argentina!,” he wrote. ˝We hope you win another Oscar!!.”

Within Argentina, soccer legend Lionel Messi also posted an Instagram story recommending the film: “What a great movie Argentina, 1985 with Ricardo Darín and nominated for an Oscar,” he wrote. 

The film’s producer Axel Kuschevatzky and star actor Ricardo Darín both responded to the captain of the Argentine team, which won the 2022 World Cup. 

“Thanks Lionel Messi, the GOAT, for loving and supporting our Oscar nominated film ARGENTINA, 1985!,” said Kuschevatzky.

“Another sample of your great generosity. It’s moving to see that much simplicity. You were always like this, and I’ve known you since you were 17, I could feel that already. @leomessi Thank you! Go Argentina!,” said Darín on his Instagram account. 

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