Oscar winner Juan José Campanella to adapt ‘Mafalda’

A new series based on Argentina’s beloved comic strip character will be helmed by the director of ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’ and ‘Underdogs’

Argentine writer-director Juan José Campanella, a 2010 Oscar winner for The Secret in Their Eyes, confirmed via Instagram on Friday that he will helm a new series based on Mafalda, the iconic comic strip by the late Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Quino). 

First published in 1963, Mafalda follows the travails of a precocious, outspoken girl from a middle-class family in San Telmo while offering biting social commentary. A politically-aware humanist — and fervent Beatles-fan — Mafalda became an icon of Argentine progressive thinking at the height of the Cold War.  

Quino’s character became a phenomenon in the Spanish-speaking world, and was translated into 30 languages. 

“Working with Mafalda is to immerse yourself in the mind of one of the greatest cartoonists of the 20th century,” said Campanella.

According to the announcement, the series will be “a tribute to Quino and his ability to comment on human complexity through his unique perspective.” 

“Mafalda has been the most important character of my childhood. Bringing it to the screen fills me with enthusiasm and gives me a great responsibility,” said Campanella.

Campanella will reportedly lead the project through his own animation company, Mundoloco CGI, which also produced his 2013 animated feature-length film Underdogs

“This project is a dream come true. Mundoloco was born with the calling to bring our stories out to the world in an innovative way. Mafalda represents that spirit like no other. We are deeply proud to have been selected by Quino’s successors,” added Gastón Gorali, co-founder and CEO of Mundoloco.

“For us, as family and custodians of Quino’s work, it is a true honor that Juan José Campanella and Mundoloco have taken the responsibility of carrying out this project,” Quino’s successors stated. 

“We admire the work of Juan José and we are certain that this project will be a beautiful recognition of the work of our beloved Quino, becoming a valuable and creative link between generations.”


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