Bizarrap named ‘Next Generation Leader’ by Time Magazine

The Argentine producer and DJ has 7.2 billion views on YouTube and 41.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Bizarrap. Source: Télam

Argentine DJ and producer Bizarrap has been included in the ‘Next Generation Leaders’ list crafted by Time Magazine.

Born Gonzalo Julián Conde, the 24-year-old artist has managed to break all sorts of music and video records, with 7.2 billion views on YouTube and 41.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify without releasing a single album. 

“His meteoric but unconventional rise signals a shift in the industry, proving that newcomers don’t have to follow a certain path to find their audience,” the Time post reads. 

Bizarrap’s famous YouTube sessions —featuring artists such as Shakira, J Balvin, Quevedo and Duki— started only four years ago. His collaboration videos, several of which have instantly gone viral, usually feature him in the background with his face and head covered with a cap and sunglasses. 

“What’s important to me is that the music speaks for itself,” he said to Time.

Last January, his collaboration with Colombian pop star Shakira, in which she addressed cheating rumors about her husband for the first time, quickly became a global hit and broke several Guinness World Records.

“What attracts me the most about making a song with an artist is obviously being a fan of the artist. I need to know their music and like it,” he said. “That’s important because that is how you can have a good connection. Taking what I think is the best in each artist, what I like the most, and bring it to my side, based on my musical background.”

Bizarrap gave his first live show in Buenos Aires in April, during which he was named Best New Artist of the Year at the Latin American Music Awards in the US.

“You can be on the top now, and it’s fun. But you need to remember to be professional,” he told Time.  

“I work every day, I make music every day.”


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