An exhibition that explores AI, culture, and what it means to be an artist today

Intersecciones del futuro will run through February at a BA art center and feature exhibits, workshops, and talks centered around the crossroads of art and technology

Technology and art have long overlapped, but talk about crossovers between the two has skyrocketed since the eruption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although its artistic potential seems endless, the speed at which it seems to be disrupting the status quo has turned the question of how to adapt to this new reality into a pressing matter. 

The plethora of questions and ideas this technology poses for digital creators is at the center of a month-long event seeking to explore the crossover between AI and cultural production, from music and visual arts to writing and design. 

Intersecciones del futuro (Intersections of the future), which will run until February 29, features art, music, workshops, masterclasses, and round tables devoted to this topic. The event organizers are Artlab and Futurx, two investigative hubs devoted to exploring the crossovers between tech and cultural production. 

Where: Artlab (Roseti 93, Chacarita, Buenos Aires)

When: All through February

How to attend: Attendance is free but requires online registration. Talks and round tables will also be live streamed through their YouTube channel. The full program can be downloaded here

“Technology is a crucial part of what digital creators do. And although all technological change creates uncertainty and resistance, the issue boils down to what a digital creator needs today,” Futurx director Nicolás Madoery told the Herald. He added that the idea was to create a hybrid space where like-minded people could mingle, debate, and start asking themselves these questions. 

“I’m interested in figuring out what it means to be a creator today. If technology is capable of doing it all on its own, what is our added value as human beings?”

Something for everyone

The event is intended to present these debates and trends to members of the general public who don’t work in this field. The main feature is the art exhibition, featuring works by artist Tomás García, which will be on display all month. Called Todo mi ruido (All my noise), the show consists of images generated entirely through AI. All the pictures that illustrate this story are part of the exhibit. 

According to García, who also leads a research group called Piedra (Stone) that studies these crossovers, the show is meant to pose questions regarding the “digital flesh” we all inhabit and how we use the devices at our disposal to express ourselves and communicate. 

The event will close on February 29 with a show called Checkpoint by art duo Hypereikon, a musical performance that combines sounds and images to create a dream-like space that showcases our digital lives. 

For creators and artists, there will be classes and debates every Thursday in February. García will give a masterclass on February 15 on the use of AI to create imagery. Aimed at advanced users, the talk will show how digital creators can use AI as an “assistant” in the creative process.  

Futurx director Nicolás Madoery will host a workshop on February 22 with journalist and academic Tomás Balmaceda, called “Chat GTP for creators.” The intention is to show how AI can be used for everything from content creation to arranging the logistics of a launch. Madoery said the idea is to provide a space where people can explore the multiple directions in which their project can go. 

The closing activities on February 29 will feature an online interview with digital curators and artists Adrian Notz and Kira Xonorika about their experiences. Notz is the curator of the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology’s AI+Art program, while Xonorik is an artist and researcher. 

There will also be a panel discussion on the ethical and cultural debates surrounding the relationship between AI and art. The speakers will be artist Tomas García, art duo Hypereikon, and Walter Gamarotta, Technological Director of Orsai, a platform-cum-cultural community that produces books, magazines, and films.


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